It has come to the attention of One Way Disposal, that they are experiencing a growing issue in Liberty Ranch. Their recycle driver contacted the HOA regarding a large number of residents putting out contaminated recycling. Due to the material that is being placed in the recycling container, the driver is unable to collect the material as recycling.

Per the HOA Contract, homeowners are only contracted for a single 96 gallon trash container, and a single 96 gallon recycle container.  Information on acceptable recycle items can be found here: Recycle and Contaminants Guideline

There are two simple solutions for this issue:

1) Educate customers that are genuinely attempting to recycle;

2) Have customers that are using their second container as an additional trash container call ONE WAY to increase their service limit to two (2) 96 gallon containers ($4.00 per month or $12.00 per quarter billed directly to resident)

Homeowners who would like to add an additional trash bin, need to contact One Way Trash at (303) 823-0556 to request the additional service, and obtain a second trash bin.  Future contaminated recycle containers will result in homeowners being billed directly, and/or the refusal to empty the bin.

TRASH CAN ONLY BE PLACED IN THE TRASH BIN – RECYCLE CAN ONLY BE PLACED IN THE RECYCLE BIN.  Cross-contamination of the recycle bins is not allowed, and will result in additional costs for the homeowner, or refusal to empty the bin by the contractor.